Shoes for Bedouin Children

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Friends of the Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses purchased 100 pair of “The Shoe That Grows” which we will donate to the children of Wadi Feiran, Egypt.  These shoes cost us $15.60 per pair which might sound expensive until you find out that these shoes adjust to five larger sizes so give this to a five year old child and he has shoes until he or she is 11 years old.

Here’s a picture of the shoe:

14085576-1200pxWe didn’t raise enough money in advance but an order was being built so we used un-targeted donations to purchase 100 pairs.  Please help us by donating so we don’t have a shortfall.

Feiran is a really tough environment yet over half of the children I saw had no shoes.  It was below freezing at the time so I know that it wasn’t a matter of choice that they wore no shoes.  Moreover many pathogens enter through unshod little feet.

Right now the PayPal button allows you to enter any amount.  Later I will code a button that does the math for for you but the actual cost is $15.60 per shoe.  The shipment will arrive here the first week of November and we hope to have a couple of volunteers each take a 50 ilb suitcase of 50 pairs each.

In describing the Last Judgement Christ does not say that a tally of good and evil deeds will be taken to determine our disposition but rather we shall be measured based on how we cared for others.  “I was naked but you would not clothe me.”  In reality it’s how much we resemble God in His mercy that is the measure.  Are we enough like Him to enjoy to be with Him?  “If you did not do it to the least of these, my little ones, then you did not do it to me.”   These are some of the “little ones”.  Please don’t turn away.