Who Are The Friends Of The Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses?

Welcome to FriendsOfMoses.org. We are the non-profit foundation set up to support the Monastery of the Holy Prophet Moses, located in Feiran Egypt.

Friends Of The Holy Monastery Of The Prophet Moses –
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Monastery of St. Gennadius Scholarius – New Motherhouse of The Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses

Over 30 years ago His Eminence Damianos of Sinai and Raithu went to Greece to share his vision of establishing female monasticism in Sinai, Egypt. He gave a talk in which he shared his dream that it was both possible and necessary.
Our current Abbess, Mother Gennadia had wanted to become a monastic and to go live in Sinai. There were six other women who told His Eminence Damianos that they too wished to serve in Sinai. Mother Gennadia approached His Eminence Damianos the next day but was heartbroken to learn that Abp. Damianos believed that it was best to first establish a motherhouse in Athens as the conditions in Sinai at Feiran were primitive and there was no local police or secure housing. Mother Gennadia told me that she went home crying and prayed all that night that God would make it possible for her to go. The next day she and the six other women went to His Eminence Damianos and convinced him that it was not only possible but necessary. These were probably the only people with this belief at that time. Most doubted the safety or sanity of such a project. To this day the maps in Egypt and the road signs call it The Monastery of the Seven Girls.

The Monastery of the Holy Prophet Moses continues yet only two of the original nuns remain. Mother Gennadia suffers from the vicissitudes of old age combined with the damage from childhood polio. Last year Mother nearly died from a ruptured appendix that became septic. Since then she has remained in Greece. Shortly before her illness, one of the sisters inherited property from her only brother. This lent itself nicely to the formation of a motherhouse in Greece, The Monsatery of St. Gennadius Scholaticus, with the blessing of His Eminence Damianos.

Over the last year Mother and another sister raised funds and renovated the buildings. A new church was built and consecrated. Final work on the church requires 4,000 Euros (about $4,300).

Please help us raise the final funds. Donations to a church are one way of commemorating someone perpetually. Each Divine Liturgy has petitions for “the founders and benefactors of this holy temple”. This is a uniquely fit memoriam for anyone. Please donate generously and note the dedication. Should you wish to donate some inscribed item them please note that as well. The sisters can suggest an item if you wish.

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St. Isaac of Ninevah – Homily 4 – On Almsgiving

If you have something above your daily needs, give it to the poor, and then go with boldness to offer your prayers, that is, to converse with God as a son with his Father. Nothing can bring, the heart so near to God as almsgiving, and nothing brings such serenity to the mind as voluntary poverty. It is better for you to be called an ignoramus by the many because of the generosity of your hands and your measureless liberality because of your fear of God, than to be called wise and sound of mind by reason of your niggardliness.

…When you do good to someone, do not await a recompense from him, and you will receive repayment from God on both accounts; and if you are able, neither do good so as to receive reward in the future age, but rather, practice virtue because of the love of God. The rank of love is more initiated than the rank of labor for God, and it is more initiated in its mystery than the soul surpasses the body in initiation

The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian
(Revised Second Edition)
Copyright© 1984 by the Holy Transfiguration Monastery,
Brookline, Massachusetts

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7 months ago

Friends of the Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses

Technical Difficulties.... Resolved

Our Facebook Feed quit working right about the time that His Eminence Damianos recovered from his accident with the elevator. We are very grateful to God and all those who prayed for him. His recovery could only be described as miraculous, especially given his advanced age. There are few people who could survive a two story fall at half of his age. Glory To God For All Things indeed.

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Please Pray for His Eminence Damianos Archbishop of Sinai and Raithu

On 29 January 2018, His Eminence Damianos, Archbishop of Sinai and Raithu and Abbot of St. Catherine Monastery, fell and suffered three fractures in his left arm and internal bleeding in one leg. Physicians are doing all they can to help and His Eminence has remained in good spirits throughout this ordeal. Please remember him your prayers.

His Eminence has served as Archbishop since 1973 and first came to Sinai in 1961.

The above is a synopsis sourced from several monastics.

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Attack at St. Catherine's Monastery 0n 18 April 2017

On 18 April 2017 an armed assailant exchanged gunfire with police at the checkpoint immediately outside the monastery of St. Catherine. The man was obviously not familiar with local roads and was conspicuously out of place so a local resident alerted the police. The outsider ran from police but exchanged gunfire, killing one policeman and wounding four others who were transported to a hospital in Sharm El Sheikh. The assailant was killed by gunfire. Another man seen in the area is being sought by the police.

Contrary to some press reports there was no sniper fire nor any explosions.

This is a terrible blow to tourism upon which the local economy was so dependent. Flights from Russia to Sharm El Sheikh (SSH) were to resume soon but that is likely now in jeopardy.

Please make a donation and if possible make it a recurring donation from your credit or debit card through our PayPal account. We currently only have $300.00 in regular monthly donations and monthly operating expenses for the monastery and the five sisters are $2,000. The Friends Of The Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses is a 501c3 charity. We forward all of your donations to the sisters as we have no employees and cover our own travel expenses. You may always send your prayer requests to the sisters as a note with your donation or simply to our president's email at president"at"FriendsOfMoses.org.

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Why Monasteries?George Livsey - Recently I spoke with Sister Johana of The Friends of St. Catherine about the difficulties of raising funds in the United States for monasteries. Monasteries simply aren't very numerous here and most people have little or no contact with them at all. As I thought about all of the benefits and blessings I and my family have received as a result of staying at monasteries as well as working with monasteries and hermitages I thought to ask Sister Nektaria in Egypt why we should support monasteries. Her response follows. Please excuse any errors or unusual expressions as English is not Sister Nektaria's primary language.

Many people don't know the purpose of the Monasteries and what they can offer to the people.

In simple words, forgiving and our ignorance we can tell you the following:

A Monastery is the house of God.

The Monks or the Sisters that live inside a Monastery, decided to leave everything they have as family, properties and perhaps a good career inside the world, to worship God.

A Monk or a Sister when decides to go to a Monastery must follow three things:

Not to have property or personal belongings at all, but everything in the monastery is common for the sisters, as the love of God is common for all people.

To obey to the Superior Gerondissa, with all their hearts in everything, because she is from God in this special place, to guide the sisters straight to God in heaven and she is responsible for their souls in the eyes of God.

And the third thing is, that, in one common community with love they all pray to God for their souls, but also they all pray to God for all people. This is their duty, to pray for all the world. And they pray for the people for different purposes, as God lights their mind. Other times they pray for the people that are ill in the hospitals, other time they pray so that God protects the people from accidents, other time for poor people, other time for the sins of the people to be forgiven by God, other time that God lights the mind of the people to love trully God in their hearts, other time for people that are in prison, other time for the orphant children, other time for people in dispare to find joy in their hearts and for many many other purposes. That's why many times, people ask from the sisters to pray for them for special reasons or problems they have.And because all the time the sisters pray to God, when people go to a monastery, they feel peace and the blessing of God.

Also as when we light a candle, we ask from God to help us in a special reason, and the light of the candle goes up to heaven to God, a Sister that has dedicated all herself and her life to God, is her hole body the candle and her prayers is the light of the candle that go straight to God.

Let's give God’s mercy to all people.
In Christ
Sister Nektaria

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4 years ago

George Livsey

Last month you donated $6,000 to the Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses and restored the water pump and main electrical breaker panel. It was a month of disaster and wonderful generosity on the part of all of the Friends of the Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses. $5,000 was disbursed all within a wek of each of the two disasters. We didn't make the regular $2,000 monthly support disbursement as I kept hoping we would raise the remaining $1,000 but with 5 1/2 hours to September that doesn't seem likely at this point.

HOWEVER, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You literally saved the sisters from a month on almost no electricity and manually drawing water. With some funding from other sources to meet regular expenses he sisters survived August.

I was ill for almost two weeks and failed to notice that my own automatic donation expired. So I'll now renew that but I ask that you also consider making an automatic recurring donation on the "Donate Now" post below also. About half a dozen people still do so and if we could only find 20 people to give $100 monthly we would only need to make appeals when there is a disaster.

We are 100% volunteer with no salaries, rents or regular expenses that aren't covered by designated donations. That means that except for an occasional Facebook Ad ALL of your donation is disbursed to the monastery. However, that makes this a just in time effort every month.


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