What is The Monastery of the Holy Prophet Moses?

Welcome to FriendsOfMoses.org. We are the non-profit foundation set up to support the Monastery of the Holy Prophet Moses, located in Feiran Egypt.

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4 months ago

Friends of the Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses

Please Pray for His Eminence Damianos Archbishop of Sinai and Raithu

On 29 January 2018, His Eminence Damianos, Archbishop of Sinai and Raithu and Abbot of St. Catherine Monastery, fell and suffered three fractures in his left arm and internal bleeding in one leg. Physicians are doing all they can to help and His Eminence has remained in good spirits throughout this ordeal. Please remember him your prayers.

His Eminence has served as Archbishop since 1973 and first came to Sinai in 1961.

The above is a synopsis sourced from several monastics.

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Attack at St. Catherine's Monastery 0n 18 April 2017

On 18 April 2017 an armed assailant exchanged gunfire with police at the checkpoint immediately outside the monastery of St. Catherine. The man was obviously not familiar with local roads and was conspicuously out of place so a local resident alerted the police. The outsider ran from police but exchanged gunfire, killing one policeman and wounding four others who were transported to a hospital in Sharm El Sheikh. The assailant was killed by gunfire. Another man seen in the area is being sought by the police.

Contrary to some press reports there was no sniper fire nor any explosions.

This is a terrible blow to tourism upon which the local economy was so dependent. Flights from Russia to Sharm El Sheikh (SSH) were to resume soon but that is likely now in jeopardy.

Please make a donation and if possible make it a recurring donation from your credit or debit card through our PayPal account. We currently only have $300.00 in regular monthly donations and monthly operating expenses for the monastery and the five sisters are $2,000. The Friends Of The Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses is a 501c3 charity. We forward all of your donations to the sisters as we have no employees and cover our own travel expenses. You may always send your prayer requests to the sisters as a note with your donation or simply to our president's email at president"at"FriendsOfMoses.org.

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Why Monasteries? ...

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2 years ago

Last month you donated $6,000 to the Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses and restored the water pump and main electrical breaker panel. It was a month of disaster and wonderful generosity on the part of all of the Friends of the Holy Monastery of the Prophet Moses. $5,000 was disbursed all within a wek of each of the two disasters. We didn't make the regular $2,000 monthly support disbursement as I kept hoping we would raise the remaining $1,000 but with 5 1/2 hours to September that doesn't seem likely at this point.

HOWEVER, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You literally saved the sisters from a month on almost no electricity and manually drawing water. With some funding from other sources to meet regular expenses he sisters survived August.

I was ill for almost two weeks and failed to notice that my own automatic donation expired. So I'll now renew that but I ask that you also consider making an automatic recurring donation on the "Donate Now" post below also. About half a dozen people still do so and if we could only find 20 people to give $100 monthly we would only need to make appeals when there is a disaster.

We are 100% volunteer with no salaries, rents or regular expenses that aren't covered by designated donations. That means that except for an occasional Facebook Ad ALL of your donation is disbursed to the monastery. However, that makes this a just in time effort every month.


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Archbishop of Sinai and Abbot of St. Catherine Monastery, Damianos, was recently in an automobile collision. Thanks be to God he survived the accident but his hand was injured. Please pray for a complete and speedy recovery of His Eminence Damianos. May God grant you many more peaceful and healthy years, Master! Eis polla eti Despota! ...

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