History of the Friends of Moses

In 2007 the founding officer met Father Justin, the librarian of St. Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai, Egypt. Father Justin invited him to stay at the monastery and observe the work on historic manuscripts and museum objects. In 2013 the visit became possible and during another trip in 2013 a visit to The Holy Monastery of The Prophet Moses in Feiran occurred. It was following that visit that the Mother Superior, Gerontissa in Greek, requested help to raise funds for a new water well as the existing source of water was exhausted.

Within a month the new water well was drilled and with a few more moths, the motor and deep-well pump was installed and operational. Additionally, funds from the drilling project provided funds to pay the salaries of monastery workers, a necessity given that only four sisters live a the monastery and two of them are in less-than optimal physical health. This project was accomplished without tax-exempt status or a corporation. However, the need for an independent, tax-exempt foundation was obvious. Some would-be donors could not participate due to their own trust’s requirement that any donation recipients be an officially recognized 501c3 charity.